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TRILITH is 100% made in Japan and the finest trading card holder available in the world. 


UV cut 97% or more, Excellent transparency

We use a high-quality ornamental acrylic board made in Japan that cuts ultraviolet rays of 400 nanometers or less by 97%. At the same time this top quality acrylic board transmits visible light by 90% or more which gives extremely high transparency. The highest technology will protect the card from UV rays and prevent the color of the card from fading away.

Centering system giving sense of beauty and luxury

The GINZO invented Centering Frame is adopted between screwdown holders. The black Centering Frame allows you to display your trading card perfectly and beautifully in the center which gives a luxurious look.

Stylish custom-made screw

We are using a custom-made screw which doesn’t show a driving hole such as “+” or “-” looking from the front side. Paying attention to every detail of the product is giving beauty to the design. 

High secure inner card case, Double UV cut system

The inner card case which goes inside the Centering Frame protects your Trading Card from being damaged by the pressure of the Screwdown holder. This inner card case also has 85% UV protection. This double UV cut system prevents color fading away from the Trading Card and protects it from getting damaged.


Manufactured by highly skilled craftsmanship, Rigorous inspection

TRILITH is designed by GINZO, and handmade by highly experienced and skilled Japanese craftsman “Takashi Nagumo” who has been creating acrylic products for 30 years. Our product is double checked by our professional inspection team. 

【Product size】

Main body: ・145mm (length) × 90mm (width) × 13mm (thickness), 

                   ・Weighs approximately 198g

Inner card case (inner dimensions): ・92mm (length) × 66mm (width) × 0.7mm (thickness)

・The inner dimension of the Inner card case is the size of the card sleeve that can be stored. The trading card which can fit in up to the size of the card sleeve can be displayed.

・Inner card case is suitable for MTG cards, Pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and etc.

 Package box: 165mm (length) × 124mm (width) × 30mm (thickness)

Total weight with products in the box: Approx. 260g


【Detail of the contents】

Front acrylic part × 1, Back acrylic part × 1, Centering Frame × 1, Inner card case × 1, External thread × 5, Inner thread × 5

(One spare External thread and one spare Inner thread are provided)


・Front acrylic part, Back acrylic part, Centering Frame: Acrylic resin

・Inner card case: Polycarbonate resin

・Screw: Brass, Nickel

【Precautions for use】

1. Injury precaution

・Be careful not to hit yourself with the cut surface or corners of the product, as this may cause injury.

2. Caution against scratches and damage

・The acrylic surface is delicate and easily scratched.

・Do not wipe with thinner-based liquids. (It may cause cracks)

・Be careful when opening and closing the screws. Otherwise, the plating may come off.

3.Temperature Precautions

・Use the product at temperatures below 50℃. When used over 50℃, the product may deform or become cloudy. The product could get melted or combusted over 50℃.


In a bucket, dilute water and pH neutral dish soap (liquid) to about 5%, and stir well. 

Then put soft cloth in a bucket and squeeze it tightly, and gently wipe the surface of the acrylic board. Before water drops get dry on the acrylic board, wipe with a dry cloth. This is also effective in preventing static electricity. 

Story behind TRILITH

One day, Muneyuki Matsumoto (screen name: Ginzo), the most famous card collector in Japan, wondered why many card collectors, including himself, were collecting expensive and rare cards that cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars (some even millions of dollars), but there were no high-quality and well-designed products in the world to display these high-end cards. Then he researched and developed a product which could beautifully display trading cards, and finally the TRILITH was born along with the brand GINZO.

TRILITH, which was created from scratch from the collector's perspective and for the collector, gained a lot of sympathy and quickly spread throughout Japan.

We hope collectors all over the world enjoy our work too.