GINZO is the luxury brand exclusively designed for Trading Card collectors. All of our products are 100% made in Japan with the world's highest qualities and standards.

We established GAIAMOND, Inc. in July 2020 and launched the brand GINZO. First we design the brand, and pass it on to our manufacturer Nagamopura, Inc., the top acrylic specialized processing company in Japan with 50 years of history. Then each product is carefully handmade by highly experienced and skilled craftsman “Takashi Nagumo” who has been creating acrylic products for 30 years. After a GINZO product is created, we send it to our professional inspection team in Japan for a double check to make sure each product meets the highest qualities and standards. Finally we gently pack our creation and deliver it to you with care.

GINZO pursues a design that maximizes the value and the artistry of your Trading Cards.


GINZO is a brand founded by former banker Muneyuki Matsumoto, the most famous error card collector in Japan, well known as screen name GINZO.

The name GINZO is inspired from japanese;

“GIN” Banker = 銀行員【Ginkouin】(Banker have keen insight into what’s valuable)

“ZO” Treasury, Traditional Japanese storehouse for keeping important and valuable things = 蔵【Zo, Kura】(Collectors cherish their collections and carefully store in treasury) 

Muneyuki started SNS naming him as GINZO around 10 years ago. Since then he has been hosting error card contests, trading card contests, and other events in Japan.


In 2019, when Muneyuki was still working at a bank, he designed and created the Centering Frame and customized it between existing display cases. GINZO made it easy for the collectors to display their Trading Cards beautifully and perfectly right in the center by inventing the Centering Frame. The new invention was highly evaluated by the TCG collectors on SNS, and changed their way of displaying Trading Cards. Muneyuki established GINZO and created a high-end card holder market in Japan. Almost all the TCG collectors in Japan are using the Centering Frame invented by GINZO.